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6 x 9 inches, 536 pages



The year is 1941, and the Boothbay Region is bustling. Shipyards are full of workers and the lean years of the Depression are starting to fade. Then on December 7, 1941, during a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the Japanese bombed the United States’ fleet. From that moment on, everything changed. Hell and humanity intertwined.

Step back in time with men and women from the Boothbay Region, who served in the military during the Second World War. Learn about their experiences in their own words. Travel to all corners of the world as they seek adventure, liberate the oppressed, and fight against Fascism.

Make the Murmansk Run to Russia with a Merchant Seaman, land on Omaha Beach during the Allies D-Day Invasion, fly the Hump delivering men and supplies, run a landing barge during the invasion of Saipan, fly a B-17 Flying Fortress on a mission over Germany, sneak behind enemy lines with an Alamo Scout, or accompany an O.S.S. agent as he works to aid the French Resistance.

The pages of this book encompass all this and more, and feature two never before seen photographs of England’s Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, and one of Germany’s dictator, Adolf Hitler. The author’s goal of publishing this work was to preserve the veterans’ stories for future generations, and to fill the reader with the realization that there are heroes among us.