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6 x 9 inches, 404 pages



Picture a small island community, just off the coast of Maine, at the time of the Second World War. With a population just over 400, Southport Island had 75 men and women serving in the armed forces. This book encompasses their service, as well as the stories of veterans who moved on the island after the war. This is a rare chance to see the war through the eyes of the people who lived it.

Take a walk back in time, through the pages of this book, and learn how Southport was affected by rationing, blackouts, and air raid drills. Residents of the island reveal their experiences with enemy submarines, horse meat, and a lack of silk stockings. It’s a colorful assortment of island history that shouldn’t be missed!

The final section of the book reflects stories of war-torn Europe and the Pacific, as told by friends and acquaintances of the author, Sarah Sherman McGrail. Twelve nationalities are represented in all, and their stories of hardship and survival are truly remarkable. The author undertook this project because she felt her generation did not have a good understanding of the Second World War and decided these experiences were going to be lost to future generations if they weren’t put down in writing. It’s an extraordinary undertaking that will leave the reader clamoring for more!