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A History of Boothbay Region’s Veterans during the Korean and Vietnam Wars 

Two wars defined the men and women of Southport Island and the Boothbay Region—the Korean War (1950–1953) and the Vietnam War (1964–1975). Join these veterans as they tell their stories in their own words through their remembrances, letters, and photographs.

Fight Communist expansion in Korea; learn how a petrol supply company was run in Inchon; withstand freezing cold and searing heat on a desolate landscape; sweep for land mines in the Khumwha Valley and learn how the 8208 MASH saved a local man’s life.

Fly missions with a helicopter crew chief over Loc Ninh, Song Be, and Tay Ninh; patrol the Mekong Delta in a Patrol Boat, River (PBR); live the Vietnam experience through a mortar platoon soldier’s letters home; ride on convoy duty with the Marines Rolling 11th Rough Riders from Chu Lai to Quang Tri; help evacuate Saigon aboard the USS Midway; rescue the crew of the merchant ship with the Coast Guard, and deliver supplies to Vietnam with a Merchant Mariner.

This is a rare opportunity to explore the real-life experiences of service men and women over the course of two wars and the time in between, with many of their histories being told for the very first time. Join us in admiration of these amazing Korean and Vietnam War veterans as we start Looking Back.

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